Main Achievements Introduction

Let me introduce the project realized by our consultant from seven perspectives of “Cost optimization”, “Process improvement”, “Business process Offshoring”, “PMO support”, “IT development / IT development support” “Growth” “Training”.

Cost Optimization

  • Analyzed the business content on-site vendors were doing and simplified operations. Clarified the business that depended on the vendor and created a process that did not depend on skills. Achieved 200 million yen reduction (property insurance company).
  • Digitized order entry work and eliminated manual operation. Reduced the amount of work for five people. (Hardware manufacturer)
  • Centralized the business to respond to inquiries from customers at branch offices and sales offices. Achieved 300-million-yen reduction (Life Insurance company)
  • Transferred reporting, order entry, product registration work and product shipping management work to China and achieve cost reduction of 20% (hardware manufacturer)

Process Improvement

  • Standardized the release management process in IT development and prevented problems at the time of release. We also developed a tool that makes it possible to share the release schedule and clarify the departments that may be affected (Insurance company)
  • Implemented tools to make reporting work more efficient in report creation work. (Hardware manufacturer)
  • Analyzed onshore and offshore work and eliminated unnecessary work onshore, offshore possible operations were transferred to a low-cost country. (Insurance company)
  • Transferred the management and approval tool of returned goods to SFDC, and created 130 approval processes.
    For applications requiring approval, we designed SFDC so that we could send approval request mail by e-mail to approver and obtain high appraisal from approvers. (Hardware manufacturer)
  • For the purpose of vendor performance management, set up KPIs, reviewed each role and improved efficiency. (Software maker)
  • Created a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) that follows the actual situation. (Commercial Bank)
  • Provided templates and related materials for their BCP creation. (Regional Bank)

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Analyzed the work of IT development and measured workload, defined offshore possible work. Created a training plan for business transfer and executed the transfer as planned. (Insurance company)
  • Report creation, order entry, product marketing, customer service work transferred from Japan and Malaysia to China. Improve productivity by 20%. (Hardware manufacturer)
  • Transferred input jobs in Japan to China. Created transfer schedule, training plan, OJT plan and executed. Simplified the process at the time of transfer and reduceed work volume. (Insurance company)

PMO Support

  • PMO support was carried out with two integrated projects at securities companies. We prepared materials for the board meeting once a week, arranged meetings, etc. and supported PMO. (Securities company)
  • Worked as a PM for the core system construction project of TSE 1 listed supermarket. (Mass retailer)
  • PMO support in government holding inventory management system development project. (Central government agency)
  • PMO support for Grain trading system development project for trading companies. (trading company)

IT Development・IT Development Support

  • As a Japan leader in the global SAP development project, worked with the development teams in the United States and China to create requirement definition and conducted the test with partners. (Hardware manufacturer)
  • Development and introduction of SFDC. Requirement definition creation, design document creation, development and testing lead. (Hardware manufacturer)
  • Led the development process of EDI connection with a major consumer electronics retailer, released requirement definition, data format definition, data reception test, then released. (Hardware manufacturer)
  • Built a music download site. Implemented requirement definition, specification creation, accounting system, preview function, music upload function, music download function, user registration function. (Music distribution company)
  • Transferred core system to open system and Converted COBOL to VB for UNIX in the project. (Mass retailer)
  • Implemented Siebel into the call center and established connection with mainframe. We made it possible to check Policy holder’s information on Siebel and realized paperless. (Insurance company)


  • We reversed the share of competing products by 75% in one year and achieved 70% share of our products. (Software maker)
  • We revised the price of product group, store front promotion, package change, and achieved sales of 300% compared with the previous year. (Software maker)
  • Screened targets for direct sales, revisited marketing strategies such as price, etc., and achieved 30% of company-wide sales. (Software maker)


  • Periodic training for PMP Certification (consultancy company, system development company, SI vendor)
  • Implemented Six Sigma training and penetrated Six Sigma methodology across the company (hardware manufacturer)