We launched e-learning of manufacturing business process training.

We created e-learning training that the partner company has been implementing for over 7,000 students for 14 years as a classroom training.
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(You can view it with unnecessary login etc.)
In addition, we also have free trials and production site for a trial.
* Free trial version is available for part of this course with excerpt version of each course.
* Production site for a trial is all that you can experience this course for free.
For free trial version and production site for a trial, if you are interested, please contact the following e-mail address. We will inform you of URL ID and password.

Contact information: info@thinknext.jp

We are consulting on improvement of business processes and construction of manufacturing business processes. We will minimize the risks of companies such as deterioration of yield rate, deterioration of quality and process weakening. The process will change more and more in daily work. It can change without noticing it, which can lead to irrevocable situation. It takes a lot of time and money to regain the trust once lost. We recommend that you periodically check the business process so as not to be such a situation.